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August 2014

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August 2014

Wheels & Waves 2014

Locotrans: Dealer Royal Enfield - Ducati Indipedente

Chris Labrooy - Auto Aerobics

Chris Labrooy - Auto Aerobics


Ducati 750S - 1989

Sanborn Canoe Co.

"Zak and Todd are two of the most unassuming, humble guys you may meet. Cousins, they both grew up in Minnesota each with a crazy love for the outdoors and a grandfather who, before they were born, carved out his own wooden canoe and took to the water. It was that canoe that inspired them build their own, and shortly after, start what is now Sanborn Canoe Co. And only a few short years later, with the help of a couple friends, they are carving some of the finest handcrafted paddles in North America".
Draft Journal gives you a little look into their work…

Read the whole story on Draft Journal

The Sanborn Canoe paddles are available in Europe, Belgium at Hello James. (Rue de Laeken 86 - 1000 Brussels)

HELLO JAMES - Craftsmanship store by NIYONA

We are Hello James, a not so typical craftsmanship store. We sell the things we love. and what we love most, is strolling in the streets, riding through the city and traveling around the world.

Most of the trendy brands in our store offer handmade products, crafted by real people who spent hours on the details of the product you’re holding in your hands, simply because it had to be perfect. We called these people and brands who combine craftsmanship, design and innovation, the modern artisans. Some of our products are even made by ourselves, as you can see in our atelier inside the shop. And all of them are ethical, mobile, and just plain cool to look at.

Because these things take time to discover, we’ve arranged a cozy lounge for you to hang around in. So come on over, relax, and soak in the atmosphere.

Hello James - Rue de Laeken 86 - 1000 Brussels

Photos by Oskar -

(Source: niyona)

2013 F1 cars wearing retro liveries

Designed by Escape Artist
more liveries to discover on their Facebook page.